Tanfield Association

Tanfield School opened on October 16th 1912 and has been serving the community for more than a century. It opened as Tanfield Lea Higher Elementary School and Pupil Teachers’ Centre, became successively Alderman Wood School, Stanley Grammar School, Tanfield Secondary School, Tanfield Comprehensive School and now Tanfield School, Specialist College of Science and Engineering.

The Tanfield Association is an organisation which brings together people who have a link with Tanfield School as past or present pupils, staff, governors or family members. It came into being in September 2001.

The association aims to bring together all who have a link with the school; to continue the fine traditions of the school; to recognise the value of education provided at Tanfield for over a century and to support the present generation of pupils in their quest for knowledge and learning.

The Tanfield Association would like to extend an invitation to anyone who has a link with the school to join us as a member. We produce three newsletters a year; collect and copy old photographs and memorabilia of the school; encourage members to share their memories of their schooldays via the newsletter and the website; make awards to students and support the school’s activities; and in October every year we celebrate the school’s birthday. Our AGM is held locally every year and we also arrange lunches every month so that members can get together to enjoy a meal and a chat.

Members all have the same thing in common: a great affection and respect for Tanfield. We enjoy reminiscing about our own time at the school, and we enjoy giving financial and practical support to the school today.

Some of the things the Tanfield Association have done for the school:

  • Gave financial support to the school’s bid to achieve Specialist status
  • Funded new stage curtains in the assembly hall
  • Funded a visit to a Modern Foreign Languages convention at Newcastle University by students and staff
  • Funded a rock-climbing course for GCSE PE students
  • Helped to fund a whole-school visit to Beamish Museum at the end of the summer term
  • Listened to students reading under the school’s Accelerated Reading scheme
  • Funded the purchase of aprons for Food Technology
  • Made awards to students who have done well in English Language/Literature, Community Service and Science & Engineering as well as a ‘Girls in Engineering’ award
  • Contributed to the funding of the school’s Robotics Club and its trip to Birmingham to take part in the national finals of a robotics competition
  • Provided books for the school library
  • Gave financial support towards upgrading the school’s computer systems
  • Individual members sponsored football strips for two teams 

To look us up online, go to www.tanfield-association.org

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