The way you wear your school uniform sends a clear message about your attitude to school. It shows that you want to work with the school in an effective partnership.
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  Details How to wear the school uniform
Blazer (compulsory) Black school blazer with pre-embroidered school badge – purchase from Sehgals Sleeves must be worn at full length (not pushed back or folded up)
Only badges authorised by school can be worn on blazers
Sleeveless jumper (optional) Black school jumper with pre-embroidered badge only – purchase from Sehgals No hooded tops, sweatshirts, cardigans or tracksuit tops. Hooded tops should not be worn under blazers
Shirt (compulsory) Plain white traditional/formal school shirt with collar Ensure that collar button is fastened at all times
No coloured vests or underwear beneath shirts
No fashion shirts/blouses
Shirts must be tucked into trousers or skirt
Tie (compulsory) Clip on school tie – purchase from Sehgals
Y11 tie – purchase from Sehgals, in-school or via sQuid
Ties must show at least 15 stripes
Ties must show at least 5 badges 
Trousers (compulsory if students chose not to wear a skirt) Plain black tailored school trousers that cover the ankles No jeans, flares, baggy, bootleg, hipsters, leggings, low slung, skinny or tight fitting trousers
No accessories such as buckles or laces etc
Skirt (compulsory if students chose not to wear trousers) Tanfield tartan skirt - purchase from Sehgals No other skirt can be worn. Skirt should be worn at a modest length (knee length), not rolled or altered in any way
Tights Plain black No pattern 
Socks Plain black - ankle or knee Socks or tights MUST be worn. No trainer socks
Shoes (compulsory) Plain black leather (or leather in appearance) formal, sensible school shoes. Must not be two toned, striped, fashioned or overtly branded Heels of 1 inch maximum
No trainers or trainer style shoes e.g. converse
No flip flops, sandals, plimsolls, backless shoes, 'Uggs' or similar
No excessive buckles or studs. Trousers should be worn over boots. Shoes, not boots, to be worn with skirts
School bag Essential, minimum size to hold an A4 folder  
Hair/makeup Non-natural hair colours and extreme haircuts/hairstyles (such as patterns, lines, mohawks, multiple colours) are not allowed
Hair accessories should be plain black

Years 7 - 9
No makeup of any description should be worn in school

Years 10 - 11
makeup only
No nail varnish
No false nails
No false eyelashes
No heavy eyeliner or mascara
Hair accessories should be black
Jewellery A watch is allowed - no smart watches/fitbits
No other jewellery is to be worn
Plain black hairbands only
No piercings. No earrings; no expanders
No other visible piercings (retainers or sticky plasters are not acceptable)
Piercings should be done at the beginning of the six week Summer Holiday and removed for school.
No rings
No bracelets
No bandanas or bright hair accessories
Belts should be black with no large or extreme buckles

All effective, successful sports performers take pride in their appearance by wearing the correct kit or uniform. Details below include the compulsory PE uniform.

PE uniform policy is that students wear PE kit even when not participating.

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  Details How to wear the school uniform
Tanfield short sleeved polo shirt (compulsory) Embroidered badge. All students, for indoor and outdoor use – purchase from Sehgals Collar must be worn down
Black shorts, leggings or training pants (compulsory) All students, for indoor and outdoor use - any plain black can be worn No stripes or large logos
Trainers Trainers not plimsolls for indoor and outdoor use. These must have non marking soles (sports hall) Trainers must be fastened correctly (tie shoe laces) to provide feet with the correct support
Tanfield long sleeved training top (compulsory only if students wish to wear a long sleeved shirt) Embroidered badge. All students, for outdoor use – purchase from Sehgals  

Please note that no watches should be worn during PE. These should be removed and put in a safe place during all PE lessons.