Tanfield Students

Ready to succeed in their dream job and thrive in all aspects of their life

Each student graduates from Tanfield as the best version of themselves, prepared for their adult lives and ready to contribute positively to their world.

Tanfield is inclusive. We are all recognised as unique individuals and valued within our team.

We are honest, have courage and are kind.

We develop strategies to keep mentally and physically safe. This is as important as our academic achievements.

We value hard work, trust and fairness. We do what it takes for as long as it takes.

We have tolerance, respect and confidence.

Our curriculum is ambitious and knowledge rich. It opens doors for our future and gives us confidence.

Our character

Our values underpin all that we do. We believe that hard work, trust and fairness increase social mobility and take us to the top of our mountain.

We make the right choices, for ourselves and for others. We have the very highest expectations of behaviour, because we know that we all deserve the best chance to learn and environment to do so. We are consistent, calm and purposeful.

Tanfield has a bespoke curriculum and programme of clubs, activities, trips and opportunities that meets the needs of individuals and our local community. We are all supported in achieving our dreams with resilience and confidence. We are helped to overcome barriers so that we can be part of it.

We know and appreciate our local and national heritage and are actively engaged in making our communities better places. We are empowered to make a difference. Activities are tailored towards identifying issues so that we can respond positively.