Tanfield School Science Department recently showcased many of its wonderful facets by putting on an interactive Science day for primary pupils from Burnopfield Primary, Dipton Collierley Primary, East Stanley Primary and Tanfield Lea Primary Schools.

The theme of the day was taken from ‘The Incredibles’ movie and each of the interactive experiments and demonstrations were linked to each of The Incredible characters and the Physics behind their amazing powers!

Mr Incredible a.k.a Mr Seaton and Mrs Incredible a.k.a Mrs Gainey and Miss Thompson put on an incredible display of Physics experiments that left the primary pupils gasping and cheering. The students comments ranged from “That was totally awesome!”, “How did you do that?”, “I loved that!” to simply just “wow!”

The aim of the day was to have lots of fun in the safe environment of our fabulous Science suite. The students were able to get ‘hands-on’ experience by engineering and producing ‘Elasticycles’, which they later took home with them. They then felt the effects of the exothermic reaction taking place in our special ‘Frozone or Hot Ice’, they watched as our brave technicians Mrs Cowey and Mrs Beck were (safely) set on fire and discovered A-Level Physics by witnessing Lenz’s Law in action.

The day was a tremendous success and the pupils from all four primary schools left Tanfield School desperate to come back and experience more of our wonderfully awe inspiring lessons.

Next year watch out for our Harry Potter themed Chemistry Lab days!