Tanfield School year 8 students were recently joined by Stanley Area Action Partnership (AAP) chair Cllr Joan Nicholson, the Mayor of Durham Cllr Lesley Mavin, and North Durham MP Kevan Jones, to experience an action-packed cadet presentation, organised by Stanley Area Action Partnership.

Representatives from the Air Cadets, Army Cadets, police, and fire service came together to demonstrate the cadet opportunities that are available in the region and the potential for these experiences to pave the way for future careers within the respective services.

The students got hands-on experience using flight simulators, experiencing a virtual reality glider flight, and took part in leadership exercises under the guidance of Air Cadet staff.

With the Army Cadets, they learned the basics of personal camouflage with fieldcrafts and took part in fitness and teambuilding activities. They also had a taste of ration packs and an overview of how to save lives with first aid.

The fire service taught pupils drills with fire hoses and how to work in pairs to rescue a small dummy from a smoke tent.

The police brought along an Armed Response Vehicle, long lens camera and an e-bike. Students were taught how to use riot gear, handcuffs and surveillance equipment, and learnt how the police's drone is deployed to support those in need and detect crime.

To end the day everyone gathered to watch the fire service carry out a live demonstration of how they deal with a road traffic collision, by cutting out and rescuing two budding Air Cadets employees from a car.