Police Dog Search

Having shared our concerns and listened to the comments from our local community - and as part of our Safeguarding commitments, we have been working closely with Stanley Police to ensure the safety of our students with regards to substance misuse. 

On the 1st December the school and grounds were searched after school hours by two teams, including dogs, in an effort to reassure all stakeholders that Tanfield is a secure establishment for all.  It was extremely reassuring following a very extensive and robust search that there were no findings. 

We are confident that with our commitment to continue our close working relationship with the police, we can move forward with the knowledge that although there will always be external risks, our priority is that Tanfield is a safe place to learn.

Tanfield would like to publicly thank Stanley Police for their support of our school and local community and their vigilance in the surrounding areas at the start and end of the school day, and their assurance of further monitoring and interventions.

It is only as a proactive partnership that we can continue to work towards our common goal: to ensure that all students are safe at Tanfield School.

If you feel you have any information please do not hesitate to contact the police on 101, similarly any concerns regarding our students in the local area please let us know (232881).

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