On the 20th of December as part of our on going safeguarding focus Tanfield school and grounds were once again searched by local police to ensure the safety of all students.  This exercise was completed after school hours and was a direct response to community concerns and police intelligence regarding teenagers, antisocial behaviour and substance misuse in the Stanley area.

We would like to take this opportunity to reassure all stake holders of the following:

Whilst we are aware of the external risks to students from substance misuse, staff at Tanfield work within their professional capacity to protect all students whilst under our care.  Training is regularly undertaken to identify signs, symptoms and risk factors.

We will continue to work with Durham Constabulary, the local community, neighbouring schools and relevant external agencies to: educate students and families about the dangers of substance misuse, source support where needed, challenge any illegal activity, and report any intelligence regarding this matter.

We would like to give thanks to Durham police for their time, support and advice, Tanfield staff for their on-going vigilance, parents/carers for their understanding of our actions and students for engaging in previous and planned targeted workshops.

We would like to reiterate that substance misuse will not be tolerated at Tanfield School and would encourage all parents/carers to hold honest and open discussions with their children if they have any concerns about external influences or unexplained changes in physical or emotional state.

It is only as a proactive partnership that we can continue to work towards our common goal: to ensure that all students are safe at Tanfield School. 

If you feel you have any information please do not hesitate to contact the police on 101, similarly any concerns regarding our students in the local area please let us know, or if you would like to discuss support please contact the Tanfield Safeguarding Team (232881).