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At Tanfield School, we have many minds but one mission: to get students to attend the best university, or real alternative, succeed in their dream job and thrive in all aspects of their life. We design experiences, a curriculum and systems in order to help each student to be the best version of themselves, prepared for their adult lives and ready to contribute positively to their world.

Tanfield is inclusive and every student is recognised as a unique individual. We develop character through our curriculum and co curricular programmes. We see positive character virtues as being: hard work, trust and fairness. Tanfield students do what it takes for as long as it takes, are honest, have courage and, most importantly, are kind. Tanfield is a team, where every individual’s difference is accepted, valued and nurtured.

Through a wide, rich set of experiences, Tanfield students develop acceptance, understanding, respect, confidence and knowledge. They become ready and equipped for their life after Tanfield and have strategies to keep them physically and mentally healthy and safe, including when online. This is as important as their academic achievements.

We want 100% of our young people to benefit from these experiences, so we timetable co-curricular in Years 7-10. Each cycle, they select an elective that allows them to participate in a project that will develop their employability skills, wellbeing and their talents and interests. This could be physical, an opportunity for volunteering or citizenship work or skills based. We proudly partner with and regularly reward progress in speaking, listening, staying positive, aiming high, creativity, problem solving, leadership and teamwork. Families can also access the website for ideas and resources to support this development at home.

Students in years 9 and 10 can complete their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award and we have other clubs, activities and opportunities for all young people throughout the year.

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