Outline of Course

A programme which incorporates Personal, Social and Health Education, Careers and Citizenship is followed by all students throughout the school. It is taught by form tutors with input, where appropriate, from outside consultants.

In Years 10 and 11 students cover topics such as study skills, health care including sex and drugs education, British values, crime and punishment, the role of the media, human rights, examination techniques and study skills. Students will also citizenship/fundraising project.

They develop skills of enquiry and communication and they participate in an active citizenship project which may be used as the coursework element for the GCSE short course Citizenship examination.

To prepare students for life after Tanfield, there is an opportunity to visit local colleges and attend exhibitions where information regarding post -16 opportunities is available. PSHE also supports the school's Ethics and Beliefs Programme.

Careers advisers speak to all members of Year 11. Admissions tutors from post 16 providers also speak to the year group.

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