Fire and Emergency

Important information for your child. In an emergency the ALARM BELL will sound. If you hear the ALARM, follow the emergency code: 

  • Stop what you are doing and switch off any equipment you are using
  • Listen to the instructions of your classroom teacher
  • Leave the building by the nearest exit
  • Use any escape route; or any EMERGENCY EXIT
  • DO NOT run
  • DO NOT waste time collecting your possessions
  • Make your way quickly and quietly to the assembly point on the school tennis courts
  • Line up quietly and wait for your tutor to take the register
  • Wait patiently and quietly until you receive further instructions

If you are the first to notice an EMERGENCY:

  • Raise the ALARM e.g. sound the fire alarm, tell any member of staff
  • Make sure everyone near you is WARNED
  • Make sure you are SAFE
  • Follow the EMERGENCY code

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