Partner Schools

School Headteacher  Telephone  Website
Annfield Plain Junior School Mrs I Burgess 01207 234 531 Visit
Beamish Primary School Mrs W Edwards 0191 370 0181 Visit
Bloemfontein Primary School Mrs L Liddell 01207 232 198 Visit
Burnopfield Primary School Mrs S Taylor  01207 270 397 Visit
Burnside Primary School Mrs L Armstrong 01207 234 020  Visit
Catchgate Primary School Mrs J Shaw  01207 234 252 Visit
Chopwell Primary School  Mrs Fellowes-Prynne  01207 561 322  Visit
Croft Community School  Mr S Adams  01207 234 547  Visit
Dipton Collierley Primary School  Mrs A McDermid  01207 570 298  Visit
East Stanley School  Mrs J Williams  01207 233 611  Visit
Greenland Community Primary School  Mr M Stewart  01207 232 147 Visit
Leadgate Primary School  Mr M Watson  01207 610 361  Visit
Newker Primary School  Mrs J Monte  0191 388 7099  Visit
Roseberry Primary School  Mrs J Lee  0191 370 0182  Visit
Shield Row Primary School  Miss J Cooke 01207 239 661  Visit
South Stanley Junior School  Mrs E Martin  01207 232 059 Visit
St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School  Mrs J McBride  01207 232 624  Visit
Tanfield Lea Community Primary School  Miss K Hemmings  01207 234 500  Visit
Villa Real School  Mrs J Bowe 01207 503 651  Visit
West Pelton Primary School  Miss J McDowell  0191 370 0238  Visit

Partner schools could be those in the local area from which students have come to us as they move from Year 6 to Year 7. Tanfield students have attended all of the schools listed here, as well as from further afield.

We work closely with many of these schools, either through our staff visiting to teach things such as Music and MFL, or through groups coming to us to make use of staff time and facilities in departments such as Design Technology.

We are proud to have links to many partner schools. If you wish to work with us, please get in touch using the contact details on this website.

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